When grief comes, I am not alone.

  • Friends show up, pray, call, write, text, email, and send cards.
  • God’s presence understands, comforts, and guides.
  • I hear about other people’s grief and I pay attention to their pain.

When grief comes, I feel:

  • Tired–because grief steals your energy.
  • Thankful–because my loved one is free.
  • Sad–because that same person’s voice is no longer audible.

When grief comes, the world does not wait.

  • People get up and go to work as if everything is the same, even though it is not.
  • You see how ridiculous it is to sweat the small stuff.
  • You know that life goes on, and that one day that funeral will be your own.

When grief comes, I will open the door:

  • I will not push it away nor will I hide from its shadow.
  • I will not act as though it is not there, nor will I be dramatic in the telling of it.
  • I will welcome it, feel it, and go through it.

When grief comes, I will remember the lessons it has to teach me.