One of the most meaningful writers I read these days for my spiritual journey is Richard Rohr.

His concise, thoughtful words come from books or articles he has written in a daily email, and can usually be read in 3 minutes or less.  As I walk on my own spiritual path, I find his humility and insistence that God’s love is offered to the entire human family refreshing.

Here is today’s food for thought from Richard (bold print is mine for emphasis):

The mystery of Christ, and Christ consciousness (Romans 12:2, 1 Corinthians 2:16, Ephesians 4:23) is much bigger than Christianity.  Jesus, it seems to me, did not come to earth to create a unique country club or a tribe of people who could say, “We’ve got it and you don’t!

Jesus came to reveal something that is always true everywhere and for everybody.  This is shown in his consistent inclusivity toward all.  Jesus is entirely accepting toward Gentiles, foreigners, sinners by many definitions, those considered ritually unclean, Roman centurions, Samaritans, and outsiders like the Syro-Phoenician woman.  In fact, the only people Jesus does block are those who try to block others (see, for example, Luke 18:9-14).

Many humble people show the fruits and blessings of God-encounter better than those of us who think we have the right words about God-encounter.  We’ve confused having the “right” words, or belonging to the “right” group, with having the actual experience. Just because you think you have the right words for the Mystery does not mean you’ve experienced the Mystery at all.  In fact, any illusion of perfect words destroys the very notion of mystery.  It makes us proud and not humble.

God help me to be a radical example of your love to all people.  Forgive me when I withhold it from others.


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