This is an inspiring 8 minute documentary on The 1917 Clinic at UAB where I work. It was created by a couple of UAB students for a cinematography class project.

In this video, you will meet some of my extended family and friends at the clinic. It will give you a glimpse of the spirit of The 1917 Clinic at UAB.

I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to view the video.

P.S. Where does the name of the clinic come from? The 1917 Clinic at UAB gets its name from its original address, 1917 5th AVE South in Birmingham. It was originally called “The 1917 Clinic” because confidentiality was critical for a person’s safety in the late 80’s. When we moved to a new location in 1994, we kept the name. Thousands of persons have found it to be a safe and healing place over the years. You can read more on our website,