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Swept Off My Feet

Six years ago today, January 29, 2003, I was swept off my feet by Mary Beatrice Sullivan in the afternoon just outside the Southwest Airline terminal at the Raleigh-Durham, NC airport.

It happened the moment Mary got out of her car and walked to open the trunk for me to put my luggage in the the back. She gave me a welcome hug and I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. “Wow, you look great!” I blurted out.

I had traveled to Chapel Hill, NC to lead a two-day Care Team Leadership Training that I had taught dozens of times in dozens of states.

Our “story” is told well by Mary in her book, “Dancing Naked Under the Moon, Discovering the Wisdom Within” so I won’t go into detail here.

We were married on July 4th, 2004, after we planned a wedding in a couple of days and eloped with Brendan and Kiki. We didn’t know the answers to where we would work, or where we would live, or how everything would work out.

All we did know is that we wanted to be married to one another, and to be a family. We would figure out the rest as we went.

I did not look for this relationship, it was pure grace, an amazing gift.

And now, 6 years later to the day when I fell in love with Mary Bea Sullivan, I cannot imagine a soul partner better fit for me physically, emotionally, and spiritually in this world. As a huge bonus, I have two open-hearted stepchildren who are willing to make room for another adult in their life.

I shake my head, close my eyes, and say, “Thank you God.”

And to Mary Bea I renew my vow,

“I promise to love you with an open heart, to listen deeply to your innermost thoughts, and to be considerate and tender in my care of you. With God’s help, I vow to continue to be your best friend, to encourage your spiritual growth, and to walk with you in times of joy and sorrow as long as we both shall live, AMEN.”

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