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Spectacular Daily Show — Day 34

In 2010, we are drawn to our blue screens rather than the blue skies.

Whether it is our smartphone that can access our email, or our laptop that opens the world wide web’s possibilities, or our over-sized, high-definition, television screens that gives us access to hundreds of channels, we spend much of our time staring at them.

Maybe we will learn something new, or be distracted from our worries, or find something to laugh about in a world that still has loneliness playing in the background.  Technology can of course, be used for good.

Or, we have another option.  There is a spectacular show that runs 24/7 that many of us miss daily.  And it is free.

Whether it is the wildflowers along our driveway, or the sunset off our deck, or gazing at a mountain, or listening to a waterfall, God offers through nature a spectacular daily show to renew us, to give us hope, and bring us peace.

All five senses are invited through sight, sounds, smells, touch, and taste.

What is your favorite part of the nature show this time of year?

I want to know.  What did you notice today, or tonight?

It is there for you and me.

It is the greatest show on earth.  Thank God.

And in case you missed today’s show, there will be another show any minute now.

Peace to you.


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  1. Deborah van Zalingen

    This show (and music) are mostly responsible for my continuing sanity. I try to take a walk daily, about 40 min. and pretty much the same route each day; but every single day it is a new adventure with the scenery having changed just a little here and there, different folks out walking different gorgeous dogs (who always want to chat – the dogs, I mean). For the last few days the light has been ‘just so’, and the forsythia and dandelion blooms were not just yellow – they were glow-in-the-dark neon, lit from within by some extraordinary brilliance.

    But Malcolm, sad to say, I have found that the show is in the beholder. Many who keep themselves penned up inside still would not ‘get it’ if they walked with me. Could it be that some retraining is needed? They haven’t looked at it in so long they don’t know HOW to see it, because it is certainly a show of a different order than the one in the family room!

    I’ve enjoyed your series.

  2. Malcolm

    Dear Deborah, I am so glad you have seen and do see the show on a daily basis. I love the forsythia this time of year, I have noticed the same where I live. And of course, you are right that the show is spectacular because of God’s hand in it. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts as a first time comment. I am very thankful.

  3. Mary Tittle

    I look forward to spring so that I can grab my camera and begin photographing nature again. I love using my micro setting to capture all the small creatures and flowers that appear this time of year. I may take hundreds of photos of just the puffy white clouds against the blue sky. I now have thousands of these photos and the odds are that I will be the only person to ever look at them because most people get bored quickly looking at my nature photos. However, they really should be outdoors experiencing nature for themselves. When I was a child I had a huge island of forsythia that I loved to play in so I brought pieces of it to my present home and now my grandchildren get to have the same fun experience. I saw my first spring bunny in it the other day. God is Great!

  4. Ann McGraw

    I love the various shades of green that appear this time of year. I particularly like the color of grass as it comes to life. It reminds me that the landscape of my life, no matter how bleak at times, will again produce lush growth in season and that God (and not myself) is the gardener!

  5. Malcolm

    Ann, beautiful metaphor of nature this time of year and your life. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Malcolm

    Mary, I share the love of photographing nature with my digital camera. It helps me pay attention and notice the small miracles all around us. I would love to see some of your pictures if you have them online.

  7. Shannon

    Today’s show is newer than ever because I am experiencing it from the eyes of my five month old. The warmer days are allowing us to venture outside for the first time in her life. She stares in wonder–at everything! I point and identify colors and she eyes grow wide with touching any new surface. The simplest things are spectacular.

    In trying to keep our focus where it belongs, we refuse to get cable television. Having only two channels really detracts from the ease of being distracted by 300+ channels of “nothing on.”

    Thanks for all you do, Malcolm.

  8. Malcolm

    Shannon, I just loved hearing how your five month old is reminding all of us how amazing the world is all around us. I loved it, thanks for sharing!

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