Photo by MM

Spirit Photo Series:

  1. Positive Change Requires a Death
  2. You Are Enough
  3. Like a Waterfall
  4. Ruffled Feathers
  5. Love Wins
  6. One Step at a Time
  7. Butterfly Peace
  8. Remembering Rest
  9. Look Up
  10. Sharp Edges
  11. Cutting Your Own Path
  12. Get Along
  13. Treasure Children
  14. Open the Windows

Spirit Photo” includes a photograph and encouraging words that I have been sharing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIN) since June, 2014.   The words and photo can be viewed in less than a minute.

My photography is often from nature, and sometimes from other intersections of my daily life.

Seeing the world through the lens of my camera is one of my spiritual practices.  It is a place where I feel connected to God, or the Spirit, or whatever word you call the presence which is greater than yourself.

I’ll add a photo regularly and try to catch up from my past few months of posting on social media.  Soon I will synchronize my blog and social media to simplify.

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Peace be with you,