These posts on my blog reflect one Christian pastor’s viewpoint about a topic that separates many of us in the Christian faith, homosexuality. It need not be so divisive.

I was a Chaplain in the HIV/AIDS Clinic in Birmingham for 15 years and met persons who were gay, straight, and bi-sexual. They were black, white, Hispanic, Indian, and many other ethnic groups. I counseled with hundreds of persons regarding sexuality and how faith affected their lives. I have walked with many parents down this road who blamed themselves unnecessarily.

One thing I discovered was that we are all more alike than different.  I believe we are all God’s children.

I would appreciate your comments on any of these posts.

  1. What Jesus Said About Homosexuality
  2. Dear Parents of Gay Children
  3. Abomination
  4. Alan and Manny
  5. Part IX – My Coming Out
  6. Part VIII – Gay Marriage
  7. Part VII – Creating Community
  8. Part VI – Matt’s Story
  9. Part V – A Shining Light
  10. Part IV – That Judgment Thing
  11. Part III – Reaching Out
  12. Part II – Is Homosexuality a Sin?
  13. Part I – Finding the Words
  14. An Open Letter
  15. A More Radical Way