This series includes stories from the annual Alabama Heartsong Retreat, a spiritual retreat for persons living with HIV that I had the privilege of being a part of for 15 consecutive years.  Many of the retreats were held at Sacred Heart Monastery in Cullman, AL and more recently at Camp McDowell near Jasper, AL.

Other stories come from a weekly spirituality group I started a couple of years ago called “Heartsong @ 1917.”  Other friends including Joe Elmore and Kelly Ross-Davis and Chris Hamlin now lead the group for staff and patients.

  1. Heartsong Retreat
  2. Heartsong Stories–Andy
  3. Heartsong Stories–Harry
  4. Alan and Manny
  5. Janet’s Tender Grace
  6. The Scandal at Heartsong
  7. Heartsong–Opening My Eyes
  8. Heartsong–Lessons for the Journey
  9. Heartsong @ 1917
  10. Surprised by Interruptions
  11. In Kelly’s Own Words