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He Said She Said

This series is written by Malcolm Marler and Mary Sullivan, husband and wife, about their journey as Mary prepares to go to seminary in Virginia to become an Episcopal priest.  Malcolm is a director of pastoral care at a hospital in Alabama.

  1. He Said She Said Introduction by Mary Sullivan
  2. Freedom from Stuff by Malcolm Marler
  3. It’s Just Stuff? by Mary Sullivan
  4. Learning Again by Malcolm Marler
  5. It’s Not That Simple by Mary Sullivan
  6. The Busyness of Simplifying by Malcolm Marler
  7. Love Letters by Mary Sullivan
  8. Bless and Release by Mary Sullivan
  9. A Box of Chocolates by Malcolm Marler
  10. A Way of Being by Mary Sullivan
  11. Looking Back, Moving Forward by Malcolm Marler
  12. Be Not Afraid by Mary Sullivan
  13. The Art of Surprise by Malcolm Marler
  14. Technology Fast by Malcolm Marler
  15. Lessons from the Road by Mary Sullivan
  16. Switching Gears by Mary Sullivan
  17. Adjusting to Change by Malcolm Marler
  18. Finding Our Way by Malcolm Marler
  19. Welcoming Feelings by Malcolm Marler
  20. A Great Gift by Mary Sullivan
  21. One Down, Two to Go by Malcolm Marler
  22. The Routine of Gratefulness by Malcolm Marler
  23. Not Alone by Malcolm Marler