I want to say “yes” to people. I want to be liked.  I want to be the person others come to when he or she needs my time, my skills, or my resources.

And yet if my compass is simply to be liked by others and say “Yes” to them, I am in big trouble.

I will lose my way. I will look up one day and say, “Who am I?  What do I love to do?  Where is my passion?”

Each “Yes” I choose means that I have to say “No” to something or someone else.  I can only do a finite number of things.  Each “No” I say makes room for the possibility for a new “Yes.”

I am trying to live more simply in 2010.

I am learning that living simply requires me to make one of two choices:  “Yes” or “No,” over and over again, every day.

My prayer is that I will choose wisely.