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Rushed Prayers — Day 36

Sometimes prayer comes just in time.

This morning I was supposed to have the invocation for a breakfast meeting at the hospital.  The purpose of the gathering was to help people who have lost their jobs, or who are going through difficult times due to healthcare crises and more.  My boss and his boss were present.

I left home on time giving myself a thirty-minute cushion just in case something happened on the way.

I was driving within two miles of my destination when there was an accident ahead and all traffic stopped on the interstate.  I couldn’t get off the highway to take an alternate route and so I called one of my co-workers, Danny, asking him to offer the prayer on my behalf at the breakfast.  He walked the four blocks quickly to stand in for me.

Finally the traffic cleared and I drove directly to the location, parked, and jogged down the street to the meeting.  I walked in just as the master of ceremonies was saying that we had a chaplain from the hospital to offer our invocation this morning.  Danny, my co-worker, glanced over at me, gently nodded his head for me to come up as he stepped aside, and I walked up to the podium and prayed.

Sometimes, we need someone else to pray for us when we cannot. At other times, our prayers are rushed as we try to catch our breath.

During this Holy Week, what are you rushing to pray about?  There are others in your life who are willing to step in and pray on your behalf if you need them.  So take a deep breath.

All we have to do is ask, whether it is for others to pray for us when we cannot do it ourselves, or for us to offer up the prayer, even when we are out of breath.


  1. Edna Shurden Langley

    A year ago today, my best friend’s husband was taken to the hospital seriously ill. After hurried brain surgery, he never regained consciousness. Over the next 21 days as he lay in ICU, family and friends stood vigil, fatigued, hoping and praying that his condition would improve. We experienced Holy Week and Easter during that period of time in the hospital. Then, on April 20–the day after his birthday–he passed away–receiving ultimately God’s eternal healing. Long story; but, all to say that over these next days and weeks I will be that “someone else” praying for my friend as she lives breathlessly through these days of remembering and grief. She has been that “someone else” for me on many occasions and now it is my turn. Thank God for God’s gift of friendship and for you, Malcolm.

  2. Malcolm

    Edna, thank you for sharing the moving story about your friend and her husband. It is so important to remember others around the anniversary of a loved one’s death. You can be sure she will be thinking of it, and I know she will appreciate your prayers, and acknowledgment of those prayers to her.

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