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Relationships Matter

I was reminded today that relationships matter.

A former football teammate of mine at Clemson called me.  Ogden and I have only talked one other time in the more than thirty years since we graduated.  He called because he heard my stepmom died recently and he wanted to know how I was doing.

It was good to hear his voice, and to know of his genuine concern for me.  I talked about my loss for a little while, and he listened well.  He didn’t try to fix it, tell me how to get over it, or how it wasn’t that bad.

The conversation shifted and we updated one another about what we were doing vocationally, where we lived, and specifics about our families. We remembered the good old days, and affirmed that life in the present is good too.

We concluded our conversation promising to call one another more, to stay in closer contact.

When I hung up, I felt connected more to my past, and more grounded and grateful.  My spirit lifted, I looked up from my desk.

Others called today as well. Rick from Connecticut checked in, and Tolly wanted to know how things were going from Georgia.

I received a beautiful handwritten note from Scott thanking me for a simple task in the recent past.

Friends, your effort makes all the difference.

So make the call to the person you’ve been thinking about.

Pick up a pen, write a brief, thoughtful note.

Get in the car, and go see the one who has meant so much to you.

There will come a day when you cannot.  But in the meantime, make the effort.

Relationships matter.

When have you been touched by someone reaching out to you?

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  1. Sandra Langston

    Malcolm –

    Thanks so much for your reminder to contact those we think about and fail to let them know. Our lifetimes of relationships are our most valuable assets. And isn’t it wonderful when someone from long past reaches out to us?

    Sandra Langston

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