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Reflections on the Journey — Day 28

I am on Day 28 of my 40-day commitment to write daily about my journey to live more simply.  A few observations thus far.

Commitment: Writing every single day (but Sundays) is new for me.  Most days I love writing, and there are other days it is a huge challenge to say the least.  Just like our lives.

Presence:  When I write regularly, I listen more for the wisdom of others.  I become more the student than the teacher.  I read more about people who are also on the simplicity journey and am thankful for their sharing.  I am aware I am a pilgrim who has so much to learn.

Community:  An unexpected pleasure on this walk has been feedback from you, my readers.  Some of you have emailed me privately to talk about personal issues, a few of you have called, or come to see me, while others have entered your own reflections and stories in the comments section on my blog.  Thank you for sharing some of yourself.

Process: I originally thought this journey would lead me to make dramatic changes on the external part of my life like selling our house and downsizing, paying off all our debts, owning fewer cars, and living within our means.  We did put our home on the market and then took it off because it did not feel like the right time for both of us.  But I do believe we are moving towards owning less and sharing more of our resources with others.

Most of all, I am aware that this journey toward simplicity is a spiritual, inward one for me. There is something shifting inside, something that is coming to light that I can only see dimly now.

And maybe describing this spiritual journey is a voice I can offer.

And so I sit next to my beloved on our deck on this gorgeous spring day, looking at the calm lake below, listening to a cow mooing in a nearby pasture, a barred owl calling to his mate in the trees, and a red tailed hawk screeching from above.

I am thankful for life and all that it has to offer, both the good and the difficult times.

Thank you for walking with me on the journey thus far.


  1. Laura Siriani

    Malcolm, I am very grateful that you write everyday. And, every day I am amazed that you have somehow, read my mind! This Lent has been a lovely, thoughtful and sometimes uncomfortable journey. Your daily posts have helped make sense of it all. Thank you.

  2. Malcolm

    Laura, your encouragement means more to me than you can imagine. Most days I gain a lot from writing, while other days I wonder if it is good use of my time. The fact that one person appreciates it is worth it. Thank you. Peace.

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