Sometimes days go by, maybe weeks or months, where there is routine and predictability in life.  There is a rhythm that feels natural and right.  We even fool ourselves into thinking we are in control of our own destiny.

And then something shifts, and we wake up and realize that our life has changed.  Sometimes it is temporary, sometimes it is for the rest of our life.

Someone we care about is sick and it means adding a daily or weekly responsibility to our routine.  We lose sleep and we try harder.  But we get more exhausted.  Additional things happen to people we care about and we do what we can to support them, but we realize we cannot do it all.

Limitations are hard to accept. We are not in control.  We cannot do everything.  Though we try.

But know this deep in your heart.

Do what you can today, and trust that it is not your job to do everything.

If we can let go at this point, take a step back and trust, a new lesson about peace is just around the corner.

Even in the chaos, peace is possible if we will remember that we cannot fix it, and that it was not our job from the beginning.

Peace be with you.