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Love Wins

(photo by MM)

Love is patient and kind. It does not insist on winners or losers. It lifts up, never puts down.

Love wins.

Who needs your love today?

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

Ruffled Feathers

(photo by MM)

Do we know how funny we look when we allow our feathers to get ruffled?

Life is short, let it go, move on.

What do you want to let go of today?

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

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Like a Waterfall

(photo by MM)

Like a powerful waterfall, once our words leave our mouths, we cannot get them back.

Be mindful and gracious in the way we speak of others.

(photo by MM)

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

You Are Enough

(photo by MM)

Be yourself, you are enough, you are more than enough.

You are beautiful, and you are loved by God on this day, and every day.

It is a gift to help others to know they are enough, just as they are.

(photo by MM)

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

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Positive Change Requires a Death

Photo by MM

Positive change requires some of our dreams, expectations, or exterior to die, so that new life can emerge.

What do you need to bid good-bye to today?

Blessings, you are not alone.


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The Gift of Selma

After returning to my birthplace of Selma, Alabama on the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, March 8, 2015.

Hope from Selma, AL. This young boy was with his family on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Selma, AL for the 50th anniversary and his presence represented hope to me. (photo by MM)

Let us pray.


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Photo by Malcolm Marler

Today is my 59th birthday. I am grateful to have lived this long.

I am thankful for love in my life, good health, and a vocation that calls me to integrate my work and faith daily. I celebrate my love with Mary Bea Sullivan, and Brendan and Kiki, and my

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Be Not Afraid

Easter reminds us of the story that Christ has risen indeed.

But we do not come simply to be reminded of an historical event, but rather how this story affects your history, your life, my life, and the life of the human family. We come to be reminded, or maybe to discover for the

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Born Into New Light

Sermon preached by Malcolm Marler at St. Mary’s on the Highlands Episcopal Church in Birmingham, AL on Sunday, March 16, 2014.

The Gospel reading today from John 3:1-17 contains one of those verses that I, and maybe you, memorized as a young child if you grew up in a Christian church cut from the evangelical

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A Witness

When we listen to another person’s perspective of an event you both attended, it is like turning a beautiful piece of cut glass to see the many different hues sparkle and often we appreciate them even more. My friend Bil Hitchcock from Montgomery, AL, shared his perspective when he attended my ordination as an Episcopal

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