I returned to work today after a wonderful 2 week break during the holidays. I spent time with family, we made time for friends in three states, and I know I have lots to be thankful for. I was ready to come back to work.

However, the first day back after a significant break is well. . . wobbly, off balance, at best. I find myself forgetting passwords on my computer that I used daily before the holidays. Phone calls and emails seem to fly faster towards me than I remember. I’m overwhelmed.

Deep breaths help. A sense of humor never hurts. And a recognition that it will all be here for me tomorrow gives me a perspective that it’s ok when I realize I can’t get it all done today. The world and my work went on without me when I was away and it will when I’m here.

Do the best I can, trust that it’s going to be ok. Welcome back to a world that I truly love, but I do need a few days to get back into shape.