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Multitasking — Day 25

I have a one hour commute to work, and so I decided recently to simplify my life and make the best of it as I drive down interstate I-65 South.  I blog as I drive.  How about you?

I know some people who text and drive, but not me, I blog and sip on my morning coffee.  I know it is dangerous for other people to do so, but I am a great typist on my laptop and I look up every now and then to make sure I’m safe.  I set the cruise control so I don’t speed.  I want to be safe and the time flies.

I can even talk on the phone as I drive the two-lane country roads home in the late afternoon as I eat a snack and put the final touches on this blog, or update my Facebook status, or Twitter.

I was most impressed by one woman I saw who could apply makeup, eat breakfast, brush her hair, talk on the phone, and change radio stations in a blink of the eye.  She set the bar high for me.

So in order to live more simply, I am getting more done by multitasking so that I can have time for other meaningful activities in my life.

Tips for multitasking to save time:

  1. Keep your Smartphone in your lap at dinner and as you reach for your napkin, glance at your email so that you don’t miss anything.
  2. When you are talking with a friend, always answer your cell phone when it rings, it may be important.
  3. Text while you listen to your family member recount their day by just saying “yep” every now and then so they will know you are with them.
  4. When you blog, place a link to another article on the internet to give people something else they can do while they read your post.


Maybe we need to work on doing one thing well at a time?  Hmm, now that’s a thought.

The truth is our relationships and our very lives depend on it.


  1. Mary Tittle

    Oh…I do hope that everyone reads down to your last couple of lines. An agent with my car insurance company rear ended me a few years ago on I-459. He reached down to get his cup of coffee & in that moment in time did not see me merging into traffic. And, you must be kidding about working on your blog, while driving, because there is no way you could keep your fingers on the correct keys when you hit those potholes near Gardendale & Fultondale.

  2. Malcolm

    Hi Mary, yes, I’m counting on people reading to the bottom of this post. At least I hope they do.

    In regards to my kidding about writing my blog as I traverse the potholes between exits 273 and 268, you are absolutely correct. I have a hard time keeping the car in the road with both hands on the steering wheel when it comes to that section. Geesh!

    Have a great day, sorry to hear about your accident and glad you were not hurt.

  3. Cathy Goodwin Moncrief

    Ha Ha!! Glad I read all the way to the end — I was thinking, “I don’t believe this!!” I have a 30+ minute commute to work. The best times I have are (1) when I’m feeling LOUD –I put on a praise/worship tape (still got an old car…) to sing to at the top of my lungs, or (2) when I’m feeling un-loud, I pray out loud. Sometimes that turns into singing, but most of the time just feels peaceful.

  4. Malcolm

    Hey Cathy, I bet your LOUD and UN-LOUD times are equally meaningful! Singing and peace are desirable outcomes.

  5. Laura M

    You had me all hot and bothered until I read down to the end of your message! I recommend “Brain Rules” by neurobiologist John Medina. I stopped driving and talking on my cell phone after reading his book. He uses short and very funny stories to show us that it’s really not possible for the brain to multitask, even though we all think we’re good at it. Thanks, Malcolm.

  6. Malcolm

    Hey Laura, so glad to know you read the entire post. Thanks for the recommendation of John Medina’s book.

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