I want you to know about my wife, Mary Sullivan’s, second book, Living AWAKE — Forty Days Toward Renewal.

I got to hold a copy in my hand today and I have to say it is a beautiful book, both the cover and especially the content.

Imagine renewal in fifteen minutes a day. This forty-day program includes simple, yet meaningful spiritual reflections and practices that will guide you on the path toward emotional, physical, and spiritual restoration.

In this book, simplicity reigns-just show up every day for forty days and trust the process. Living AWAKE is a gentle reminder that all in life is sacred.

Busy people will welcome Living AWAKE’s clear and straightforward approach. Drawing from diverse sources and the author’s own experience as a retreat leader and spiritual companion, Living AWAKE is accessible to all, regardless of faith or background.

This book is a great gift for someone who wants to thoughtfully prepare for Christmas, or as a study guide during Lent leading up to Easter.

You can pre-order your copy here and be one of the first to receive it in the next couple of weeks.

I’m going to be reading it and I hope you will join me.