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Photo by Malcolm Marler

Photo by Malcolm Marler

Today is my 59th birthday.  I am grateful to have lived this long.

I am thankful for love in my life, good health, and a vocation that calls me to integrate my work and faith daily.  I celebrate my love with Mary Bea Sullivan, and Brendan and Kiki, and my sister Marcy.

But today, I am especially aware of  a spiritual voice whispering in my ear, “Hurry Malcolm,” it says, “Hurry.”

The hummingbird teaches me so.  

“Most hummingbirds die their first year, but when they’ve survived a full annual cycle, their life expectancy goes up dramatically. The record age of a banded ruby-throated hummingbird is 6 years11 months. The record age of a banded rufous hummingbird is 8 years 1 month.”  (HummerNotes)

To be honest, I hurry too much in my life, or at least I’m busy like many people I know.  There is never enough time to do what is on my list.  I leave work at the hospital every day knowing my list has gotten longer, not shorter.  I’m trying to make peace with that and accept it will always be so.

But hurry?  More?

Yes,” the voice insists.

This is different.  It is not an agenda set by others.  It is an intentional, “do not put off this important thing any longer” kind of hurry.  This is important.

“Life is short,” the voice says.

It continues, “Forgive someone today who doesn’t deserve it, or forgive someone who hasn’t asked for it.  Let it go, be free, set them free.”

“Love someone today who has done nothing to earn it, or love someone who does not know how to love.  Love them with an open, vulnerable heart.”

Forgive someone, hurry.  Love someone, hurry.

Life is short.


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  1. Cathy Wallace


    Thanks for sharing. Yes life is short. Hope all is well.

    In Christ’s love,

    Cathy Wallace

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