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He Said She Said

This is the first in a series written by Malcolm Marler and Mary Bea Sullivan, husband and wife, about their journey as Mary, an author, prepares to go to Virginia Theological Seminary.  Malcolm is a director of pastoral care at a hospital in Alabama.

She Said… by Mary Sullivan

Change she is a comin’–We have an offer to sell our lake home and will be moving to an unknown home in Birmingham next month.  We have unexpectedly taken responsibility for the care of a family member. And I am winding down my work in preparation for attending Virginia Theological Seminary in August.  Whew! That feels like a lot.

In the background of all this change is the ongoing state of emergency here in Northern Alabama from April’s tornadoes.  We are grateful our family and home were not affected, AND we are saddened by the devastation so many have experienced.

Both Malcolm and I enjoy writing as a way to find clarity and thought it would be fun to co-create a series about how we individually, and together, move through this time of transition and intention towards simplification–a kind of  “He Said, She Said” perspective. We have no agenda, or even the slightest hint of where this is leading.

We don’t know how often we will have time to post. We are simply taking a step and trusting Good will work through us–sometimes in spite of us.   That is one of the many things I love and enjoy about doing life with Malcolm, he has an adventurer’s heart.

Our hope and prayer is that this endeavor will lead us closer to God, each other, and life. If others benefit from, and contribute to the conversation, it will be even more meaningful.

We thought it would be way more fun and really cool if you came along. There are always people going though changes.  Maybe we could support one another along the way.

Welcome!  Your experiences, insights, and stories will surely add color to the landscape.


  1. Carol Green

    Looking forward to these posts. Carol

  2. Carolyn Crumpler

    Good news – He Said She Said will be great reading! Thanks!
    Glad to know you and family are safe, and though I know it’s
    hard leaving the lakeside, it’s also good, as you know, to live
    in B’ham! Blessings as you become a “seminarian.”

  3. Carolyn Crumpler

    Don’t know what moderation means! So I’ll simply say what Carol said.

  4. Malcolm

    Thanks to you both, Carol and Carolyn. The new adventure is just ahead of us. My oh my, I wonder what it will look like?

    Peace to you both,

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