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Heartsong Retreat

heartsong-logoThe Alabama Heartsong Retreat is the most meaningful event that I have ever been involved in on an annual basis.  This will be my 15th year in a row to participate.  In fact, I can’t think of anything I’ve attended for 15 years in a row.

Heartsong is an annual spiritual retreat for persons living with HIV as well as those affected by HIV.   People come from every corner of Alabama and surrounding states of GA, FL, and MS.   This year’s retreat will be our 16th annual retreat on April 27-30, 2009.

Heartsong is a safe place for persons to gather, share, and learn from one another.  For some, it is the first time they have ever said out loud to another, “I am HIV positive.”   They discover they are not alone.   Some persons have been diagnosed for over 20 years, while others found out only in the last month.  Black and white, gay and straight, young and old.  They all show up.   Some come running, others move slowly on their walkers.  All are welcomed with open arms.

Heartsong is an opportunity to listen to one’s own “heart song,” to connect to the Creator and to a community.  The healing power of Heartsong is balm for one’s soul.   It is open to persons of all faiths, those who have lost their faith, and those who have never discovered a faith.

The four day, three night retreat costs $150 per person and includes nine nutritious meals.  Most participants cannot pay anything.  No one is turned away due to inability to pay.  All workshop leaders donate their time.

And that’s where you and I come in. Can you help sponsor a scholarship for one participant?  Whether it is $25, $50, $75, or $150, everything is appreciated.

This is an opportunity to make a difference for someone who is HIV positive in Alabama.

Will you join me by making a donation from you, your family, friends, congregation, or organization?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of our Heartsong participants.

Please make your check payable to:
UAB 1917 Clinic
“Heartsong Retreat” on the memo line
Mail to:
Malcolm Marler
908 20th ST S, Room 189
Birmingham, AL 35294-2050
Call Malcolm Marler at 205.975.8923
Email mmarler@uab.edu

See brochure here.

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