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Health Changes Everything — Day 26

When somebody you love is sick, you realize all of the things you normally worry about really do not matter much.

When your child has a mysterious, relentless fever and lays lifelessly in your arms, you would trade anything you own if by doing so would make her instantly well.

When your spouse or partner is in chronic pain and looks at you with desperate eyes seeking relief, if you knew you could remove that pain by changing  one thing in your life, my guess is you would do so gladly.

Of course, we can’t control another person’s health by bargaining with medical professionals or with God.  Though we might try to do so in desperate times.

During these times of helplessness and desperation, we get a reminder of what is most important to us.

If we could live as though we already knew this truth and didn’t have to wait for a health crisis to remind us, what a difference it would make.

Let’s not wait for our loved one’s health to change, my friend, let’s not wait.


  1. Edna Shurden Langley

    Malcolm, you’ve done it again!! Thank you for this word and reminder of what is truly important in our lives. Now, could you please post this word about every 2 weeks or so?!! Hugs, Edna

  2. Malcolm

    Sure thing Edna, I’ll keep reminding you and me. Just keep coming back here, and I’ll do the best I can. Hugs back to ya.

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