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Feeling Guilty Is Not Enough

As I watch the evening news tonight, I see stories about the people of Haiti and what they are going through following the devastating earthquake.

One story is about a five year old child (see above) being told that she will have to have her leg amputated in order to live.  She screams in fear at the news echoing the shrill sound of her mother’s voice at her side who grieves her daughter’s fate.

I just start sobbing, real tears, sitting on the couch, surprised by the deep emotion I feel for the parent and little girl.

Another woman is pulled out of the rubble alive (see below) after several days without food or water following the earthquake.  I feel hope.  She probably would not have been found if her husband had not been persistent with the rescuers asking them to please keep looking, “I know she is alive,” he pleaded.  And he was right. What struck me about this woman is when they pull her out of the hole on a stretcher, she breaks out into song thanking God that she is alive.

She is singing.  Thousands of others are not so fortunate.

When natural disasters happen like this, I want to help. I just don’t know how.

I feel guilty. I am the rich of the world watching on tv.  I have a beautiful home, a great job, a loving wife and children.  I can walk a few steps and get all of the water I want to drink.  I can take a long hot shower like I did last night.  I never miss a meal.  I have electricity, cars, and so much more.

We will send money over the coming weeks and months.  But it seems like so little for those who are suffering and grieving so much in Haiti.  My heart breaks.  I pray for them.

I must face this truth and take action. I own more than I need.  I give away too little.

I want to change the way I live.

Feeling guilty is not enough.

I want to live more simply.  So that I can give more.

Otherwise, my faith, my life, is without authenticity and integrity.  God help me.

God help the people of Haiti.

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  1. Cynthia Webster


    I had not seen these stories, so thank you for sharing what myself and others may have missed. All I can say is “God is alive and still working miracles”. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. You are a blessing to many, including me.


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