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Lessons from my Father, Lewis Marler

I recently completed a 40-day series on my Simplicity Journey which was an effort to start living more responsibly, more intentionally, and more meaningfully.  That journey for me continues. I will add to it in the weeks ahead.

Today I am starting a new series of articles entitled “Lessons from my Father.”  I will write several days each week about things my dad, Lewis Marler, taught me with his life.  Even though he is no longer living, he continues to influence my life twelve years later.

And what’s in it for you to walk down this memory lane with me?

As I share stories, I will ask you to do the same about lessons you’ve learned from people in your life who are no longer living.  Maybe my story will remind you of your stories.  Maybe we can remember important principles that can give us direction in our lives when we have lost our way.  My hope is we can benefit from the collection of lessons as a community.

Here is your backpack with ample food and water and supplies in it, trust me it’s not too heavy, and the trip will not be too far.  We will rest when we are tired, and encourage one another when we need it most.

Will you walk with me on this trail for awhile as we sit around a campfire, or on top of a mountain, or walk through the valley, as we remember stories about people who have made a difference in our lives who are no longer living?

Tie your shoestrings on your hiking boots, it’s time to start walking.  Are you coming?

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  1. Kerry Allgood

    I cannot wait to get started studying these lessons. Your father meant so much to me and gave me the foundation I needed to try to live my life for Christ.

  2. Madeline R Grieb

    Malcolm, I love your postings. Can’t wait to learn more about your father!

  3. Malcolm

    Dear Kerry, I know that you knew my father as your pastor, so I am especially glad you are walking with me through this journey!

  4. Malcolm

    Madeline, I’m looking forward to introducing my father to you through my stories in coming days and weeks. I know you did not know him but I am glad I will be able to share with you who he was and how he still affects my life.

  5. Elizabeth Mangham Lott

    I am pretty certain that your father baptized the woman whose husband was my home pastor. I grew up at FBC Mobile, and that pastor baptized me, blessed my call to ministry, and married me.

  6. Jo Caufield

    Thank you, Malcolm. I can’t wait to get into this. Your Father was loved by me and many others. I still miss him. You had a precious, precious gift to have him as your Dad (and vice-versa, of course!)

  7. Malcolm

    Dear Jo, when I hear from folks like you who knew my Dad firsthand, I am looking forward to stories you can share with me about your interaction with him as well. Peace.

  8. Malcolm

    Elizabeth, I love these kinds of connections, hmm so my dad baptized your pastor’s wife. And that pastor baptized you, ordained you, and performed your wedding ceremony? Very deep, life long relationship! It’s kind of like we are distant cousins somehow.

  9. Janice Myers-Turner

    Count me in too! The passage that describes your Dad and My Pastor is Gal 5:22-23 the Fruits of The Spirit…Lewis Marler had them all!!

  10. Malcolm

    Janice, I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to walk with me on this hike! Thanks for your appreciation of my Dad as your pastor.

  11. Edna Shurden Langley

    Can’t wait…let’s go!

  12. Malcolm

    Edna, I can always count on you!

  13. Sandy Parker Deason

    I too learned a lot from your father, Lewis Marler. He might have been the most incredible Christian man I have ever known. Gave me the best advice of my life too. Thanks, Malcolm.

  14. Janet Herring

    I have been living away from Alabama for almost 30 years, but it is still home. Some of my fondest memories are the times of worship and fellowship nurtured at FBC lead by your father. We are all fortunate to have known him.

  15. Jodean Livingston Tingle

    Lewis Marler was a wonderful pastor and a good friend to my parents. I always remember him and your mom fondly.

  16. Harriet Richardson Blackman

    How special it is to see your dad’s photo here. He was like a father to me. I still remember and love him so. You are a special family.

  17. Sandy Parker Deason

    I loved your dad! He gave me the best advice anyone could have ever given me. He also married Eddie and me. I have a very special place in my heart for Brother Marler. Thanks Malcolm.

  18. Pam Bentley Tidwell

    Your dad…..although I was a child when he pastored FBC Gdale, the love and time he always had for people and never to busy to give a hug. I also remember how proud of you he was and as a child knowing he supported you at GHS and then Clemson wth your football dream. What a lesson that taught me as a child that family is so important. What a man he was.

  19. Joy LuAnne Hartley

    I am looking forward to it. Your dad was such a kind man.

  20. Judy Bridgers

    You can’t know what it means to me when you share with people that your father baptized me but more than that to me he was the one who delivered the message the day I knew Jesus as my savior at Central Baptist Church in Selma. I was only 6 years old and my parents said I was too young to join the church that day but I remember it as if it was yesterday. I am really looking forward to this series and only wish my Aunt Lida Mae (the Central Baptist Church Lady) was here to enjoy it too.

  21. Malcolm

    I am a bit overwhelmed and can’t keep up with all the comments, thank you all so much. I look forward to remembering stories about my Dad with all of you and applying it to our lives. I also hope that all of you will share your own stories and how they can be reminders for us all.

  22. Sulynn (McCombs) Creswell

    Just recently I shared how I remember your Dad teaching that when a Christian’s heart was right with God then their giving would be right as well. One of many things I learned from him.

    When I think of him I think of words like gentleness, kindness, integrity, love, steadfastness, courage to speak the truth, consistency, and encourager. God used him to impact so many lifes – mine is but one!

    I look forward to this journey.

  23. Malcolm

    Sulynn, thank you for remembering and sharing what my father meant to you in your faith development and journey. Blessings and peace.

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