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Daily Prayers

I take time many days to pray and read scriptures like persons of all faiths.

This daily practice is an anchor and reminds me I am not alone.  A guide for this practice keeps me on track.

As a visual and an auditory learner,  I like to listen to prayers or to scripture, while other times I prefer to read or say them out loud.

A great help to my devotional life is something called “The Daily Office” that is from the Book of Common Prayer in the Episcopal Church.  It consists of daily Bible readings and beautiful prayers for the purpose of connecting with God.  These prayers and Bible readings are for any Christian, not just Episcopalians.

Below are two resources, audio and email, that are updated daily according to The Revised Common Lectionary, which is a three-year cycle of weekly lections used to varying degrees by the vast majority of mainline Protestant churches in Canada and the United States.

1.  AUDIO:  Daily Bible readings/prayers are accompanied by beautiful music that can be heard on your iPhone, Android, iPad, or computer.

Just click on a link below on the far left and it will play prayers and readings for today (updated daily):

  • Morning Prayer for today (14-17 min.)
  • Noonday Prayer for today (3 1/2 min.)
  • Compline Prayer for bedtime. (Compline means “complete” or end of day, ideal just before bedtime, 5-7 min.)

The Online Daily Office is a ministry of The Mission of St. Clare. The Mission’s goal is to introduce prayer and meditation to people who have never experienced them, and to support people who enjoy the benefits of prayer and meditation but who find difficulty in putting aside time for this practice.

2.  EMAIL:  If you want Morning and Evening Prayers delivered to your email each day for reading, the best format and version I have found is on a blog managed by Josh Thomas called The Daily Office West:

  • The Daily Office West.”  Just enter your email address on this website in the “Follow Blog by Email box” and click Follow.  A daily email will be delivered twice a day, one for morning prayer, one for evening prayer.

Finally, all of the prayers and readings throughout each day of the week can be read at The Daily Office website.

I hope this is helpful to you in your spiritual journey.  Welcome.


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