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A Chaplain’s Prayer

As I was walking in to work today, I was very aware of the awesome responsibility and amazing opportunity we have at our hospital every single day (1:13).

A Chaplain’s Prayer


I would love to hear your ideas about how I could use an Audio or Video blog to help you (or others) in terms of the topics or people that could be featured.

What would you like for me to talk about in one of these new kinds of media on my blog?


  1. Shannon

    I enjoy your new audio. During my fellowship at Children’s Hospital in Louisville, my supervisor, Bryan Carter Ph.D., had devised a method to reach patients in a novel way. He called it the Coping Cart– http://copingclub.com –It was full of electronics, puppets, games, etc. We used the Mac to film patients talking about their experiences in IMovie. It was therapeutic. He burned them a copy and many gave permission for him to share their stories with others who were suffering with similar illnesses. Maybe there is some form of that method that you could apply in your work…maybe you could post peoples’ messages on their social networking pages. That’s not necessarily blog-related, but who knows? Thanks for all you do!

  2. Malcolm

    Shannon, thanks so much for sharing, what a great idea. I’ve watched a few of the videos at http://copingclub.com and I am getting some ideas. I love the idea of patients helping patients by sharing some of their stories.

    Thanks again, and stay tuned, peace be with you,

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