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Open the Windows


(photo by MM)

Open the old windows of your mind and allow new perspectives to float in.

Treasure Children

(photo by MM)

Children are our treasure.

They remind us to play, to love, and to dream.

Find a child to encourage today, so that you too can be changed.

Get Along

(Photo by MM)

We can learn something from the birds of the air.

The Great Blue and the Great White Herons get along.

And so can we, with one another. God help us all to “get along.”


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Cutting Your Own Path

(photo by MM)

It may be time to make your own path today.

Lead the way.

Sharp Edges

(photo by MM)

All of us have sharp edges that need to be smoothed out a bit.

Sometimes it takes the rough grit of sand to change our ways.

Other times, it is the gentleness of water over time to make our edgy selves less so.

Whether sand or water, use what is necessary

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Remembering Rest

(photo by MM)

Sometimes we forget, and sometimes we remember.

Rest is necessary for us to be who we truly are.

Take time to rest, listen to your body, and honor its voice.

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

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Butterfly Peace

(photo by MM)

May you find the peace that is deeply needed in your heart today.

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

One Step at a Time

(photo by MM)

Remember when you feel overwhelmed today, it’s one step at a time.

What’s your next step?

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

Love Wins

(photo by MM)

Love is patient and kind. It does not insist on winners or losers. It lifts up, never puts down.

Love wins.

Who needs your love today?

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

Ruffled Feathers

(photo by MM)

Do we know how funny we look when we allow our feathers to get ruffled?

Life is short, let it go, move on.

What do you want to let go of today?

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

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