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Unexpected Reminder

I put my credit card in the gas pump and pulled it out quickly as I had hundreds of times before without paying much attention. But this time it said, “Card not read, please try again.” So I did, again. Same result. Again. Same thing.

I walked into the store to pay like I did decades ago when paying at the pump was not an option. A man with a welcoming smile working behind the desk with beautiful light brown skin, caught me off guard. He called out to me in a hospitable voice, “Well hello there! So good to see you!”

I thought he had mistaken me for someone else, because he was so welcoming and so undeniably sure I was a familiar friend, though I had never been there and we had never met.

I responded, “Good afternoon,” and he quickly countered, “It is a good afternoon because you are here, and I am so thankful.” I smiled back at this kind man, “Gratitude is good for the soul,” I said.

“Gratitude is life,” he added, and “I am so blessed to get to be here to see you. I know that you are man of God and that you will do kind and loving things in the days ahead. You are so loved and appreciated.”

I looked at him carefully wondering if I had visited him in our hospital, or seen him at church. I looked down to see if I had my clergy collar on, and saw my sweatshirt and jeans.

I reached out to shake his hand which he gladly received. “God bless you sir,” I said. “Thank you,” he said.

As I walked out of the store smiling, I decided to just believe what he said.

“Ok, I will do kind and loving things in the days ahead,” I repeated in my heart.

Thank you for the reminder.

Get Along

Great Blue and White Herons

(Photo by MM)

We can learn something from the birds of the air.

The Great Blue and the Great White Herons get along.

And so can we, with one another.  God help us all to “get along.”


Sharp Edges

(photo by MM)

(photo by MM)

All of us have sharp edges that need to be smoothed out a bit.

Sometimes it takes the rough grit of sand to change our ways.

Other times, it is the gentleness of water over time to make our edgy selves less so.

Whether sand or water, use what is necessary to smooth the rough edges of  your heart toward the human family.

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

Look Up

(photo by MM)

(photo by MM)

We need to be reminded to look up.

Look up today to see the possibilities that we cannot see when our gaze is fixed on our feet.

Look up today to discover inspiration that has been waiting for you.

Look up today and reclaim hope in your life.

Hope abounds.

Spirit Photo of the Day Series

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