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The Busyness of Simplifying

This is the sixth in a series written by Malcolm Marler and Mary Bea Sullivan, husband and wife, about their journey as Mary, an author, prepares to go to Virginia Theological Seminary.  Malcolm is a director of pastoral care at a hospital in Alabama.

He Said… by Malcolm Marler

Ok, simplifying my life is wearing me out this week.  “She said” I needed to write another blog post, so here goes.  A list of why I am tired:

  1. Supporting a family member through a major life transition.
  2. Trying to sell the family member’s car.
  3. I sold the car to the first customer.  Everyone was excited.
  4. Oh wait a minute, no I can’t sell it because the title hasn’t arrived yet.  It may take another week (or two) before we have the title.  Everyone is sad.
  5. Other interested persons call about the car, I tell them, sorry, I advertised too early.
  6. Our dog Daisy had major surgery and came home today. Mary and I are sad to see her feeling bad and have become her caregivers.  Packing for our move will be at a slower pace.
  7. Final negotiations on the sale of the house are happening.
  8. Inspectors and contractors are crawling all over the place.
  9. We need a vacation, but we don’t have time to plan it.
  10. We are supposed to move by June 30th, but did I tell you we haven’t secured our new home yet?

I could go on, but I’m too tired.

The truth is we have a ton to be thankful for and a sense of humor is a great tool for survival.

Trusting that all will be well and that this is a great life adventure together makes it possible.

What tools have you found that help during life’s busyness?


  1. Marti Holmes

    Denial has been a frequent tool of mine, but to comply with truth in advertising laws, I must include the following disclaimer: It doesn’t really work.

  2. Mary Tittle

    I have found, in my recent transition, that I did not have time to dwell on problems that would normally drive me nuts with indecision. There was no time for should I or should I not…I just had to take action & move forward. Sounds like that is what happened with your jumping ahead of yourself on the car sell. Everything is running pretty smoothly for me now but it took me 7 months to get to this point. My advice for you & Mary is to hang in there & you will soon be able to plan that vacation. But…on the other had…it sounds like you may have been on vacation at the lake for several years now.

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