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Becoming a Child Again

On March 1, 2009, we had light snow in North Alabama (see my wife and daughter to the right). I am well aware that snow is unremarkable to my New England friends.

But in Alabama, we only have snow about once in every five years or so. It is an invitation to be a child again. Mary, Kiki, and I chose to respond to that invitation and play. It was a good choice.

I grabbed my camera and outside we went. The lake where we live had seemingly “changed clothes” and was stunning with snow on the tree trunks and in the branches. The birds fluffed their feathers to shake the snow off and ate from our birdfeeders at a ravenous pace.

We walked down our country road to a nearby untrodden pasture that was snowy smooth and silent. We threw snowballs at one another. We laughed and remembered winter stories from the past. We played with Daisy, our yellow lab who caught snowballs in her mouth.

Mary and I got in the car and drove for an hour on country roads around the lake to take in more scenery and tried to get lost. We stopped the car to watch newborn calves in one pasture, while laughing at minature goats butting heads in another. We noticed horses and new houses that we have not noticed before. We admired the beautiful sunset as we drove back to the house. We thanked God at dinner for the wonder of the day.

God, help me to be more childlike and in awe of your world every day. Amen.


  1. Anne

    Dear Malcolm,

    I want you to know, that along with Mary, we too, the whole Krohn family is in love with you!! Thanks for being an incredible inspiration and guiding light to us all. Even though we don’t have much opportunity to talk, you are in my thoughts and prayers with much gratitude.

    P.S. Tell Mary I would recognize that “softball” arm anywhere!

  2. Malcolm

    Thanks so much Anne!

    Your words are a great encouragement to me personally.

    And yep, you are right about Mary’s softball arm.
    You are loved.

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