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Living As If

There once was a man who thought he heard God say,

Take your family and relatives and move to a new country.  I will show you a new land that will be your home.  It is so much more than what you have ever experienced in your life thus far, you’ll be glad you did.


What makes this story remarkable is, this man just did it, even though he did not know where the heck he was going. He just started on the journey trusting that the one who had told him would put up enough signs along the way to guide him.

Honestly, how impracticable and foolish can a person be?  How ridiculous.

I have done a lot of silly things in my life, but I don’t think I have ever lived like this man did.  Ever.

It is too much.  What would people say?

And yet the major world religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Muslim all point to this guy as their great grand daddy.

According to his example, faith is more than the hope most of us humans have.  It is more than closing our eyes and wishing extra hard and crossing our fingers and toes that it goes the way we hope.

According to this guy, faith is traveling on the journey “as if” what we hope for is already real.  You live “as if.”

When we live like this, we discover things about our lives that are richer, deeper and more meaningful than we could have dreamed.

So this is what I hope for . . . to live like that, as if.

What do you hope for?



  1. Janet Griffin

    You ARE living like that Malcolm…..and we thank you for sharing your journey with us….we can live vicariously through each other sometimes and explore new areas of life. Your faith strengthens and inspires us all to step out into the “as if’s” no matter our age or physical limitations.

  2. Malcolm


    Thank you for your encouragement. We can all use plenty.

    Peace to you my friend,

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