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A Witness

When we listen to another person’s perspective of an event you both attended, it is like turning a beautiful piece of cut glass to see the many different hues sparkle and often we appreciate them even more. My friend Bil Hitchcock from Montgomery, AL, shared his perspective when he attended my ordination as an Episcopal

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Being Salt

Rev. Sarah Jackson Shelton and I were classmates at seminary, she was my pastor when I was a member of the Baptist Church of the Covenant, and the officiant at my wedding to Mary Bea Sullivan. Most recently, she was the preacher at my ordination as a priest in the Episcopal Church.

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Prayers of the People

The bulletin for the ordination service for Malcolm Marler can be seen here.

The UAB Hospital Atrium being transformed into a sanctuary.

In many worship services in the Episcopal church, there is a time in the service called, “Prayers of the People.”

This is a time when one person or many, speak prayers out

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