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Shifting Gears

We gently shift into a new gear.

We leave the hospital tomorrow with hospice care at home.

Tonight, we live into the questions. And there are many.

One of her nurses from last week stops by to check on her even though she isn’t her nurse tonight.

It is time to love in new ways.

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Steps on the Simplicity Journey

I was a little hard on myself in my last post, Why Do I Want to Simplify? Do you ever do that?

I am usually hardest on myself when I want to be at a certain goal but I’m not willing to do what is necessary to get there. I just want to be there

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Why do I want to simplify?

This is a hard blog to write. I am embarrassed.

I’ve been exploring how to simplify my life more lately and I read several blogs (see bottom of left column) daily about how to do so. If I read enough about simplification, write enough about it, then my life will be simpler. Right?

Wrong. As

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Dreaming Anew

Friends have asked about the process of us putting our home on the market and moving into Birmingham.

So why are we open to selling our home on the lake that we love so much?

Not long after I built my house in 2002, I was at peace with the idea that I would be

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