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The Grief of Leaving

“I CANNOT believe you are leaving that place!” one friend wrote on my Facebook page. “Why in the heck would you want to sell this jewel?” another one asked.

Other legitimate questions have come from friends and acquaintances since Mary and I put our lake home on the market a few months ago. This is

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Swimming Upstream

When I was in high school I remember saying, “I can’t wait to go to college.” By the time I was a senior in college, I was excited about graduate school. Then came my marriage, job opportunities, divorce, houses, remarriage, children, and more.

If we are not careful, we will find ourselves believing the illusion

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The Many Faces of God

In our congregation, we receive communion at the front of the sanctuary and kneel (if able) to receive the bread and wine. It is a reflective, grace-filled time as familiar choruses are sung softly by the congregation.

This part of worship has become meaningful to me as I watch individuals and families make their way

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Thank You God, Thank You

He is in his early 20’s, young, and so much life yet still to live.

I met him in his hospital room. He had a severely injured leg from an accidental gun shot wound and was scheduled for surgery to amputate his leg in a couple of days.

Even though his life was changing and

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How Much Work Is Enough

Whether we work alone or with thousands of people in an institution, the lesson is consistent.

We believe that working long hours demonstrates what good employees or workers we are. We believe if we stay just a little longer we will get caught up. We believe that one more hour, or two or three, will

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Turning Why Into How

A couple of patients reminded me of an important lesson recently.

When bad or hard things happen to us in our lives, it is reflexive to ask “Why?”

“Why did this happen to me?” we say as we wonder silently, or maybe aloud. We are searching for meaning or a lesson in the event that

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Taking Time to Remember

My wife, Mary, has a blog that recently reminded me of the importance of centering myself, being still, and getting back in touch with my spirit and that which is greater than me.

And so this morning before I dive in to work, I want to be quiet and reflective. Writing helps me to remember.

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