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Monthly Archive for November, 2009

All That Matters

The call came into our Pastoral Care office and a young nurse was on the phone. “Hi, my name is “Jill,” she said, “we have a critically-ill patient on our floor and the family has decided to withdraw life support at this time. Could you send a Chaplain to be with them, to maybe say […]

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Five Dollars and a Prayer

This past Sunday our pastor did something you rarely see in church just before the offering plate was passed. Bob said, “I want a representative from each family to take $5 OUT of the offering plate and be open to giving it away this week to someone who needs it. No strings attached.  Just see […]

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It’s All About Grace

I decided to take a different path into the hospital where I work in Birmingham, AL recently.  I walked through one of the newest sections of the hospital and was still amazed at the gorgeous architecture. On this day, I prayed silently with each step I took, “God, help the patients in the hospital today to find […]

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Minnie — A Human GPS with a Heart

One of the persons who has made each day enjoyable for me in my new job in the hospital has been Minnie. Minnie is a loving, outgoing soul who stands in one of the busiest intersections of our hospital corridors where hundreds of people walk daily. I met her on the first day of my […]

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