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Monthly Archive for September, 2009


How do you describe yourself to a new friend during your first extended, getting-to-know-you conversation? If we are working in a particular field or place at the time, we may start there. If we have family or significant relationships in our lives, we may choose that as our starting point.  If we have just moved […]

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Leaning Into Change

The boxes are packed, the office is almost empty. It is amazing how much stuff one can gather after a decade and a half in one office. Other small tasks are to be completed in the next few hours. I am thankful for a reception this afternoon for us to say goodbye to one another […]

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In Kelly’s Own Words

The following blog was written by Kelly Ross-Davis, Director of Education at The 1917 Clinic.   Kelly and Malcolm have worked together for 14 of his 15 years at The 1917 Clinic. The last week of your 15+ years at The 1917 Clinic is here. Of course, everyone at the 1917 Clinic wishes you the very […]

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Challenges of Positive Transitions

I had forgotten how stressful “positive transitions” or changes can be in our lives. Even when a change is good, the journey from the familiar to the unknown is unsettling to say the least.  My present job has lasted fifteen and a half years and it has been half of my thirty year career.  And […]

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Living in the World of Inbetween

Since I announced the beginning of my transition from my job as Chaplain at The 1917 (HIV) Clinic to become the Director of Pastoral Care at the hospital beginning October 5th, I am keenly aware of living in two worlds. On one hand, I am saying goodbye to as many patients as possible whom I […]

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Significant Goodbyes

Many of us are uncomfortable with goodbyes.  A goodbye can be temporary or final.   It can mean “I’ll see you again soon,” or “hope we will see one another in this lifetime.”  Sometimes, it means goodbye forever. This month it seems like everywhere I turn I am saying goodbye–to our two children who are both freshman in college, […]

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