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Letting Go

My mind and thoughts are rambling today.

Seven years ago, 2002, I was single and wondering if I would ever get married again following my divorce in 1996. I couldn’t find what I was looking for in a life partner. So, I asked myself the question, “Where do I want to live, what do I

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Walking with Wylie

Recently I was out for an early morning hour walk for exercise in downtown Birmingham, walking from the Southside to the Northside and back again.

As I walked on 18th ST and 6th AVE N, I came upon a man in his 30’s about a half a block ahead of me. We made eye contact

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Whole-Hearted Loving

I was recently leading a group discussion at The 1917 Clinic around the theme of love with the following two questions:

“What does it mean to love with your whole heart? How does this kind of love change you, others?”

I asked the same questions of my “Facebook Friends” and I

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This may be one of the most boring posts I have written on my blog. Why?

I prefer to tell stories because I think we learn best from the experience of others, and God speaks to me clearest through interaction with others. But, for years I have heard some of my Christian friends talk

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