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I Never Knew Him

He was the third 20 year old in as many weeks to sit in my office and share his story of how he tested HIV positive recently.

We talked about a lot of things during the hour, but when I asked about his family I noticed his eyes went to floor. Tell me about your

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Asking Questions and Listening

Being a chaplain and a wireless consultant have more in common than one may think.

What does offering emotional and spiritual support to persons with a life threatening illness have in common with providing technical support for cell phone/data device problems?

Asking the right questions are more important than providing the right answers.

As a

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Time to Just Be

I walked into the hospital room to find my friend in the bed too tired and weak to respond with words. All of her life energy was focused on providing each breath and heartbeat for her body. Her mother was weary from sitting next to her daughter’s hospital bed for too long and from grieving

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I Don’t Have Nobody

He appeared at my office door, led by a staff member who didn’t know where else to take him. “Malcolm, can you help this gentleman?”

“I will try,” I answered.

“Come in, sit down, tell me what’s going on?” I introduced myself, “My name is Malcolm, what’s yours?”

The six foot tall, 40 year old

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Every Day Is World AIDS Day

This was originally written on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2005.

All across the world people are raising awareness about the worst health epidemic in world history, HIV/AIDS.

As a chaplain in an AIDS Clinic since 1994, it is easy for me to see this as another day because where I work, every day is

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I saw his name on the patient appointment board in our physician’s conference room. I asked his doctor how he was doing and mentioned I had performed the wedding ceremony for this patient about 5 or 6 years ago. It was a day of hope and renewal.

And so I walked down the hall, knocked

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The Easter Sunday Promise

Today is Easter Sunday.

The promise of new life, new hope, new beginnings.

May it be so for our 1500 patients, their families and loved ones.

May it be so for our 50+ employees who give of themselves so that others will have the possibility of new life.

We have 7-10 new patients every week

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The Jail of Fear

He sat in my office with a tremor in one hand matched by an occasional quiver in his voice.

He had told no one of his HIV positive diagnosis except for his wife, even though the two of them had been separated for many, many years.

“I can’t tell anyone because I live in a

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